Resources for ecology faculty application

The process of finding a faculty position is, to say the least, challenging and not fun. Listed below are some resources that I’ve found helpful in navigating this path. I cannot overstate my gratitude towards those who generously shared their wisdom.

A Latex Template for (Quantitative) Ecology Manuscript

Why LaTeX LaTeX has become increasingly popular for writing academic paper in ecology. I almost exclusively write in LaTeX. My main reasons are LaTeX is so much easier to use than Word for quantitative research.

PhD in numbers

In the near end of my PhD, as a quantitative ecologist, I thought it might be fun to visualize some PhD statistics. Here I am gonna show the record of paper rejections, the diveristy of the journals I published in, and the time series of email exchanges with my advisor.

Summary of my PhD thesis

The Long March for PhD finally came to the end. I am proud of what came out of it. Though all my research projects had quite different motivations originally, they all came together forming a consistent theme: an environment-dependent framework to study how ecological networks maintain or change biodiversity in local ecological communities.